In The Name Of All Things Craft Beer

{ Saturday, April 29th } Attention beer enthusiasts. It’s time to discuss (and enjoy) the art and science of craft beer. 

You could sip craft beer in your backyard (which is, admittedly, a great way to spend an afternoon), or you could sip even better craft beer with the experts for a whole day. Should you choose the latter, then The Wells Reserve at Laudholm’s The Art and Science of Craft Beer on April 29th has you covered. The Wells Reserve, located in Wells, Maine, is the host site for this day long beer-centric event, which includes a selection of panelists and pourers. Approaching the practice of beer and brewing from an environmental perspective, Tributary Brewing Company will be emcee a discussion titled “Clean Water, Great Beer.” Additionally, Q&A sessions will be held on a variety of topics, from the chemistry of beer to the community of beer. Other breweries that represented at the event include Funky Bow Brewery, Allagash Brewing Company, and Rising Tide Brewing Company. We’ll drink to that.

The Art and Science of Craft Beer
The Wells Reserve at Laudholm
342 Laudholm Farm Rd, Wells, Maine
Saturday, April 29th
10AM – 2:30PM
Tickets $50
Image courtesy of The Wells Reserve at Laudholm
Caroline DavisIn The Name Of All Things Craft Beer

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