Step Away From the “Avocado Paste”

Chica De Gallo serves up an array of salsa and guacamole products handmade with fresh, local ingredients out of Everett, Massachusetts.

Like all good things, Chica de Gallo had its beginnings in friendship. After years of serving homemade guacamole and salsa to enthusiastic friends, Amanda Bauman and Ben Russo decided it was time to share the guacamole love with the world, starting their company four years ago in Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts. “We’ve played with the recipes over the years to perfect the fresh, bold flavors that Chica de Gallo is known for,” says Bauman.

Owners Amanda Bauman and Ben Russo | Photo courtesy of Kristin Mendes

Owners Amanda Bauman and Ben Russo | Photo courtesy of Kristin Mendes

The duo’s food sensibilities makes them a perfect complementary pairing: Bauman, a native Texan, has a taste for hot peppers, while Russo is partial to the milder, creamier side of food. These two won’t patronize you with been there-done that flavor profiles or boring “avocado paste” disguised as beloved guac. They’ll throw a party in your mouth with ingredients such as ginger, mango, pineapple, juicy vine ripe tomatoes, sweet onions, and a whole medley of peppers.

The small team of 10 comprised mostly of Everett residents have grown a creamy, sweet, and spicy empire of fresh ingredients and philanthropy. While it’s Chica’s mission to make the world’s best salsa and guacamole, the company also strives to give back to the community. “We currently give in-kind donations to a number of local charities for everything from canine cancer research to the Boston AIDS Walk,” says Chica’s marketing manager Kristin Mendes.

“We use fresh ingredients and buy local whenever possible,” says Mendes. “Our products do not use artificial preservatives or vinegar. We only use freshly squeezed lime juice and garlic to keep everything fresh.” You know what that means, don’t you? You can get that homemade flavor without risk of the horrific “avocado hand” that has recently been affecting lovers of the green superfood.

Mild Guacamole | Photo via Chica De Gallo's website

Mild Guacamole | Photo courtesy of Chica de Gallo

Chica de Gallo products are available at Whole Foods, many local independent stores and chains, farmers markets, and farm stands in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. “We are also available in the tap rooms at Night Shift Brewery and Dorchester Brewing Company,” says Mendes, noting that the company has a new, expanded kitchen. Adds Bauman,“We are always playing around with new recipes and ideas.”

The Chica team recommends the mild guacamole, mango pineapple salsa, and ghost pepper products… Sign us up and never take us off the list!

Amanda Bauman and Ben Russo–co-founders of Chica de Gallo
Everett, Massachusetts
Emily Hannigan-PageStep Away From the “Avocado Paste”

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