Painting Like Jazz in Duxbury

{Through Sunday, February 18th} Painters Diane Novetsky and Jo Anne Rothschild get abstract in a dual exhibition in Duxbury.

Diane Novetsky and Jo Anne Rothschild could be called jazz painters. They hold color, gesture, and process above all, and found their way to their unique expressionist style through improvisation. Their new dual exhibition, The Immediacy of Abstraction, is now on view at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Early on Rothschild connected the grid used in her paintings to that of a music staff. The grid helped determine placement of marks; distance or proximity between the marks established a rhythm; size and color established weight and emphasis. Music helped Rothschild think about composition as a form of drawing with color or marks, independent of reference to nature.

Novetsky considers her creative process similar to jazz improvisation. While her abstract works allude to landscape, clouds, and the sea, those elements emerge more intuitively than literally in her painting. Tone, contrast, and texture take precedence over drawing. Luckily for viewers, the jazz-adjacent works of The Immediacy of Abstraction will be on view through Sunday, February 18th.

Diane Novetsky and Jo Anne Rothschild: The Immediacy of Abstraction
The Art Complex Museum
189 Alden Street,
Duxbury, Massachusetts
Through Sunday, February 18th
Free and open to the public
Top image: Diane Novetsky, Jitterbug (cropped), 2017, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 in. courtesy of the artist
Nathan FrontieroPainting Like Jazz in Duxbury