Erica Licea-Kane‘s Sweet Art

{ Through Sunday, July 30th } In this new exhibit in Boston’s South End, Erica Licea-Kane displays art created with an unusual implement.

Over & Over, now on view in the Kingston Gallery in Boston’s South End, features artwork Erica Licea-Kane made with one sweet implement: a pastry bag filled with paint. With her unconventional tool, Licea-Kane builds a density of surface by piping lush lines of paint in seemingly endless layers to make what she calls “object-paintings,” which address all of the formal concerns attached to traditional abstract painting.

These works are an outgrowth of Licea-Kane’s childhood spent in fabric stores with her mother and exploring her grandmother’s linen chest, which is how she learned about the nuances of cloth, the subtitles of woven color and the “hand” of fabric. Through her labor-intensive process, Licea-Kane manipulates the medium of paint so that it is almost unrecognizable, challenging the viewer to define her enticing textures.

Of her work Licea-Kane says, “I extrude acrylic medium to make surfaces that invoke fabric or enlarged weaves. I work hard at manipulating the material so that the surfaces are obscure, prompting questions about process and time invested.”

Licea-Kane teaches studio courses at Wheelock College in Boston, where she is an associate professor and the director of the Towne Art Gallery. The exhibition’s closing reception is scheduled for July 30, from 3-5 p.m.

Erica Licea-Kane: Over & Over
Kingston Gallery
50 Harrison Ave, No. 43
Boston, Massachusetts
Through Sunday, July 30th
Top image Erica Licea-Kane, The Embrace, acrylic pigment, acrylic medium, 13x12x2inches, 2016
Nathan FrontieroErica Licea-Kane‘s Sweet Art

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