Hindsight/Foresight in Northampton

{ Wednesday, December 6th – Friday, December 22nd } Royal Frog Ballet ponders the future in Hindsight/Foresight in Northampton.

Is it future, or is it past? The Royal Frog Ballet ponders the process of locating an image of tomorrow with Hindsight/Foresight, a new installation and performance series at the A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts. Channeling the Royal Frog Ballet’s 10 years together, the exhibit is a visual collection of past work and other performances, with new visual and performative works-in-progress and themed community discussions. The collective will also be teaching workshops aimed at playful and collaborative art making processes. Kicking off Hindsight/Foresight is an opening on December 8th in conjunction with Northampton’s Arts Night Out. Two listening evenings on Saturday December 9th and 16th will offer a mix of new and old songs, stories, and poems. On Friday, December 15th, The Royal Frog Ballet will host a community discussion on future visioning and brief panel led by visual artists showing new work.

The gallery setting slows down and unmasks some of the group’s large scale outdoor fast-paced process, so viewers have a chance to ponder the small and subtle details of how another reality is built and participate in the idea that imagining is a radical act. Hindsight/Foresight asks, “How do we create something that has never existed, starting where we are, with all the pieces of what already exists around us?” Hindsight/Foresight runs from December 6 to 22, with performances, panels, and workshops spanning December 8 to 17.

A.P.E. Gallery
126 Main Street
Northampton, Massachusetts
Wednesday, December 6th through Friday, December 22th
12:00PM–5:00PM Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00PM–8:00PM Friday, closed Monday
Free and open to the public
Top image courtesy of The Royal Frog Ballet
Nathan FrontieroHindsight/Foresight in Northampton

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