Rhode Island

Kevin Broccoli, The Golden Girls, Epic Theatre Company

Watch Your Broccoli

Rhode Island actor/writer Kevin Broccoli, who is artistic director of Epic Theatre Company, is also on James Franco’s radar.

Mimi Chrzanowski Two Shellies, photo courtesy of artist

Made with Love in Hell

Providence illustrator Mimi Chrzanowski on Windex angels, Heironymus Bosch, and all things mythical and weird.

Jessica Rosner, The Ulysses Glove Project

Squeaky and Unclean

Rhode Island-based artist Jessica Rosner uses kitchen gloves to offer a look at James Joyce’s Ulysses unlike any other.

Farmer Willie's Ginger Beer, Rhode Island craft beer

Ginger with Soul

Two Brown University grads and a Truro, Massachusetts goat farmer walk into a bar, and the result is Farmer Willie’s Ginger Beer.

May Babcock, papermaking. Rhode Island

Pulp Fiction

Pawtucket, Rhode Island artist May Babcock looks to the flora around her to make her unusual paper arts creations.

Arrival lobby, Intarcia, Kelly Milukas

The Key to her Art

Rhode Island artist Kelly Milukas uses her art in public spaces like Intarcia Therapeutics to inspire employees and patients.

Adam Anderson, 10,000 Suns

Sunny Side Up

Adam Anderson explores the glorious possibilities of sunflowers in an annual public installation project in Providence.

Eben Horton, The Glass Float Project, Block Island

Finding a Great Piece of Glass

Wakefield glassblower Eben Horton creates an annual glass orb treasure hunt on Block Island called the Glass Float Project.

#TakeAction: Photo Finish

Rhode Island photographer Mary Beth Meehan uses her craft as tool for her own brand of activism.

Frank Poor, Barbara Krakow Gallery-3

Southern Comfort

Rhode Island mixed-media artist Frank Poor explains why he is so drawn to abandoned buildings from the South.

Vatic Kuumba, Heurisko, Providence

Taking on Race in Providence

Vatic Kuumba uses his poetry to question preconceived notions about race. Hear him at PVDFest’s impressive artist lineup.

Cable Car Cinema, Providence Rhode Island

Arthouse Sensibilities

Cable Car Cinema with its couch-style seating and eclectic movies has been an integral part of Providence for forty years.

AK Summers at work, Pregnant Butch, Providence Rhode Island

Nine Months in Drag

Providence illustrator AK Summers creates a graphic novel about life as a pregnant butch living in New York City.

Toby Sisson, Providence Rhode Island artist, Darkest Hour + Chant

Exploring the Gray Area

Providence artist Toby Sisson discusses James Baldwin, painting as language, and the alchemy between maker and materials.

Greenwich Odeum, East Greenwich Rhode Island, live music

Let’s Get This Party Going!

The Greenwich Odeum wants to make East Greenwich, Rhode Island, the place to hear live music for the whole state.

Strange Attractor, Before We Begin, Rhode Island

Strange Attractions

Rhode Island’s theater group Strange Attractor has a new pageant planned. The audience for the show? The moon and the sea.

Gather Glass, Providence Rhode Island

Gather Ye Glass

Gather Glass brings glassblowing, farming, and community to Providence, Rhode Island, in this community-based venture.

Krzysztof Mathews, Not Gonna Take It, made using Illustrator Vector Graphics | Photo courtesy the artist

Mechanical Worlds

Rhode Island sculptor Krzysztof Mathews switches between the physical and digital realms with his race of cybernetic characters.

J Schatz exterior | Photo by J Schatz

Community of Design

The designers of J Schatz are leading by example with the consummate live/work environment in Providence’s Olneyville. 

Verdant Vibes performs "Mother, Mother Ocean," a group improvisation at Aurora, December 2015.

Staying Composed

Kirsten Volness curates concerts, plays with two ensembles, writes pop songs for the homeless—and holds down a day job.

El Rancho Grande | Dominic Perri Photography

A Little Taco Place

Each time the door opens to El Rancho Grande, the same phrase rings out: “Is Doña Maria here?” The answer, invariably, is yes.

Collaborative Garden, John Gonzolez, 2016, Designed and installed in collaboration with Bel Terra employees inside David Winton Bell Gallery in Providence, RI | Photo courtesy Jesse Banks

Let’s Build a House Together

Interdisciplinary artist John C. Gonzalez chats about collaboration and the power of art to transform our worldview.

Machined brass counterweights

Masters of Metal

Giving new life to old tools, Whetstone Workshop embraces industrial New England to reenvision the craft of metal fabrication.

Jeannie Lynn Hulen—from the installation Gibberish: Sapient Fool’s Gold, 2015 | image courtesy of grin gallery

GRIN Reapers

If you’re in the market for art that hangs passively on the wall, GRIN may not be the right gallery for you. 

Ready-to-wear clothing by Joseph Aaron Segal | All photos by Izzy Berdan

Kitty Eyes & Spandex

Joseph Aaron Segal’s unique and fun ready-to-wear fashions make you feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

All photos by Ian Barnard

Carving Artist

We would lay down good money that Rhode Island stone carver Nicholas Benson is also a spelling bee rock star. 

Aja (left) and Ben Blanc | photo by Ian Travis Barnard

Blanc Looks

Based in Providence, RI, Ben & Aja Blanc produce limited-edition furniture, lighting, and objects handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Stonware dinner plate | Handmade by Jun | Photo courtesy Three Wheel Studio

Happiness, Handmade

Enter the mind and studio of potter Dwo Wen Chen, and you will find a wonderland of birds, berries, flowers, and roosters.

The Circle Game

Mixed-media artist Barbara Owen moved from sculpture to painting to sculpture again, finding a new voice in circular shapes.

Olneyville New York System Restaurant - Providence RI. By Alcinoe (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Don’t Call it a Hot Dog

Whatever you do, don’t call them hot dogs. There are about a million names for the Rhode Island staple:

Machines with Magnets Pawtucket Rhode Island

Attracted to Machines with Magnets

Feel the pull of this unique indie outfit housing a recording studio, an art gallery & a concert venue serving craft cocktails.

Cate McCauley Pyrography


Pyrographer Cate McCauley on the power of using her expert illustration skills to create fine art with a fiery twist. 

ART/Crush: J.R. Uretsky

A tender glance into J.R’s world of big queer feelings, Star Trek Next Gen, and laying on the floor with Scott the cat.

UltraModerne CHICAGO HORIZON Competition First Place 2015

UltraNow UltraSmart Ultramoderne

Modern, playful, and generous New England architecture that gives back to the public sphere in a stylish and useful manner.

New Urban Arts: Bigger and Better

One of Providence’s most notable arts organizations geared towards students and emerging artists is growing. 

Hustler of Providence

Short, sharp, hits of film whenever you’d like, BYO snacks – NE Film.com’s online festival ups the binge-ability.

Get to the Garden!

Come see these enormous, boxwood giraffes and bunnies before it’s too late! You know – even peat teddy bears have to hibernate. 

Not So Polite

Providence, Rhode Island, illustrator Jen Corace works from a home studio in a Victorian house in the city’s tightly packed Elmwood neighborhood.

It’s Hot and Heavy and It’s Here

If there is one thing the Ocean State knows, the best anchors are forged in steel and so it is that this community’s anchor is metal as well.

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