Roger Dell Talks Art in Rockland

{ Sundays, January 7th – 28th } Educator Roger Dell leads an art discussion series at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art.

Art is for us. Roger Dell, the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, and the Farnsworth Art Museum certainly think so. Art for Us, a four-part discussion series led by Dell for four Sundays in January (7, 14, 21, and 28), will reinforce the notion. Participants will have the chance to address contemporary art and its historical context in a freeform dialogue introductory slide presentations from Dell. Take-home readings at each session will supplement the discussion and help facilitate its evolution into subsequent sessions. The four sessions are each named for one large question: What is Art?; What is the Role of the Art World?; What is Artistic Beauty?; and What is the Role of Art within the Humanities?

Dell will hold the first two talks at the Farnsworth (where Dell formally served as the director of education), then the final two at CMCA. Dell has taught art history, art appreciation, arts education, and the history of art museums at various institutions including the University of Maine, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, and the Harvard Extension School.

Art for Us with Roger Dell
Farnsworth Museum
16 Museum Street
Center for Maine Contemporary Art
21 Winter Street
Rockland, Maine
Sundays, January 7 and 14 (Farnsworth); 21 and 28 (CMCA)
Tickets: $36 full series or $12 per session general public; $30 full series or $10 per session CMCA and Farnsworth members
Top image courtesy of the Center for Maine Contemporary Art
Nathan FrontieroRoger Dell Talks Art in Rockland

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