Ruins at 186 Carpenter Street

{ Through Friday, October 6th } Artists Jill Colinan and Jen Corace present Ruins, now on view at 186 Carpenter in Providence.

If you find yourself staring out the window plagued by crushing feelings of despair in light of the current state of the world, you’re in good company. Providence, Rhode Island-based artists Jill Colinan and Jen Corace have teamed up for a double exhibition, Ruins, now on view at 186 Carpenter. The work is partially “about making community,” but it’s also an examination of “the importance of solitude and the difference between solitude and isolation,” Corace writes in her artist statement. “How can we let go of the things that no longer work for us and never did? How can we recognize systems that do? The larger context for community and nature—the direction of our planet is taking—is intertwined in these images as well. I live with anxiety that any change we make is unlikely to prevent the death of the planet. Our human efforts at repair come in small increments and nature just isn’t going to wait.”

186 Carpenter presents arts exhibitions in a storefront and office space. Ruins will be on view through Friday, October 6. A closing party will be held Sunday, October 1st.

Jill Colinan and Jen Corace: Ruins
186 Carpenter Street
Providence, Rhode Island
Through Friday, October 6th
Free and open to the public
Top image courtesy of Jen Corace
Nathan FrontieroRuins at 186 Carpenter Street

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