19 on Paper in Warwick

{Through August 5} Warwick Center for the Arts presents a group show of artists who create work of or with paper.

19 on Paper, a group show of Southern New England artists making art with or of paper, is now on view in the main gallery at Warwick Center for the Arts. The exhibit represents a group of painters, collage artists, printmakers, book artists, photographers, digital artists, and sculptors. Members of the group will offer demonstrations and lectures on selected Thursday evenings.

Founded in 1986 “to provide a cohesive structure for the presentation of works on paper by Rhode Island artists,” 19 on Paper has since expanded membership beyond Rhode Island, although it still usually keeps its numbers around 19. The current iteration includes CC Wolf, Sally Caswell, Paul M. Murray, Hiroko Shikashio, Cindy Wilson, BL Green, Marion Wilner, David DeMelim, Howard Rubenstein, Grace Bentley-Scheck, Jill Brody, Trish O’Day, Kendra Ferreira, Ann Marie Gillett, Felicia Touhey, and Alma Davenport. These artists have shown their work extensively around galleries and museums in New England and abroad.

Warwick Center for the Arts connects all ages and abilities to art with exhibits, educational programs, and cultural events in a warm and welcoming space. Emerging and established artists also find a unique and inviting space in which to share their creative vision with the community.

19 On Paper
Warwick Center for the Arts
3259 Post Road
Warwick, Rhode Island
Through Saturday, August 5
Free and open to the public
Top Image Over Under by BL Green, courtesy Warwick Center for the Arts
Janet Reynolds19 on Paper in Warwick