Heading to the Bananaland

The Bananaland in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is taking your business on vacation for a much needed makeover. Tanning optional.

It may be chilly in Bridgeport, Connecticut, this time of year, but at The Bananaland it always feels like a tropical getaway. This banana-themed marketing and design agency in Connecticut’s Park City will give your small business a makeover and have way too much fun doing it. The team of “specialist concierges”—Marcella Kovac, the outspoken civic-involvement advocate; Laurie Kovac, the cat-loving photography enthusiast; and Jordan Rabidou, the coding homesteader—are not only incredibly talented at what they do, but they’re also some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. The affection they have for their stomping grounds emanates through how they do business. They’ll curate your brand to perfection taking your vision and goals and sprinkling their own ideas and expertise into the mix, banana style.

Marcella Kovac | Victoria Gloria Photography

Marcella Kovac

Laurie Kovac | Victoria Gloria Photography

Laurie Kovac

Jordan Rabidou | Victoria Gloria Photography

Jordan Rabidou

The seven-year-old vacation of a company was founded on the notion that good design is born from crazy ideas. Their impeccable work and service has made for very happy clients, in turn filling a niche in the up-and-coming city. The Bananaland provides branding, website design, a strong social media presence, and everything in between. “We have so much fun in what we’re doing. We don’t want to be taken too seriously and we don’t want this to be like ‘work work,’” says Jordan. How can you have a bad time working in an office with pineapple wallpaper, tropical plants, and assorted banana paraphernalia strewn about?! It goes without saying, seasonal depression is not a thing here.

Victoria Gloria Photography

The magic of The Bananaland lies in the three co-owners’ unshakeable passion for the city they live in. Disclaimer: If you don’t want to be persuaded to move to Bridgeport, don’t talk to them. “Marcella and I moved here nine years ago, and we saw so much potential in the city,” says Jordan. “There’s so much rich diversity, and an art scene that’s coming out from underground and flourishing, and we are just so happy to be a part of it,” Marcella adds. Their love for their city is infectious and so well-spoken, making them the unofficial marketing department of Bridgeport.

This is why starting one badass company wasn’t enough. Four years ago, Marcella and Jordan founded B:Hive Bridgeport, a place where local business owners, freelancers, and creatives can go to foster positive energy, enthusiasm, and an infallible sense of community in a co-workspace. “Collaborating with other people and creatives is what we’re all about,” Marcella declares. The cleverly casual atmosphere of B:Hive allows for friendly connections, business growth, potlucks—nothing fuels entrepreneurship like home-cooked goodies, that’s a fact—and serves as a catalyst for a reinvention of the city. “We try to act as a partner to the city and try to show everyone how wonderful it is. Our goal is to change the stigma around Bridgeport and show how cool it is if you look below the surface,” says Jordan.

Victoria Gloria Photography

Not a small business or instagram model seeking to expertly curate your aesthetic? No problem, The Bananaland doors are always open and Marcella, Jordan, and Laurie would love to meet you! Grab your boarding pass, The Bananaland is going to take you on your dream vacation—and you don’t even have to leave New England.

The Bananaland – marketing and design company
Bridgeport, Connecticut
All photography by Victoria Gloria Photography
Emily Hannigan-PageHeading to the Bananaland

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