Taking Aim at Hartford

Street photographer Erik Williams highlights a gritty, vibrant Hartford in a new Real Art Ways exhibit.

She’s on Fire

Musician Laini Marenick leaves her job as a therapist to record her first LP, Wandering, with Laini and the Wildfire.

Suite & Spicy

Carolyn Paine keeps a busy schedule from coast to coast, but each year brings her Nutcracker Suite & Spicy home to Hartford.

Your Turn, My Turn, Our Turn

Performance architecture artists Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder explore how where we live affects who we are and how we act.

Five Questions With … Azua Echevarria

Five Questions With…Azua Echevarria, an outspoken artist, maker, and healer in Connecticut who wants to raise everyone’s energy.

The Strange Ways of Alex Dakoulas

For Alex Dakoulas of Strange Ways, pins, pennants, & patches are more than accessories. They’re a complex expression of self.

Shakespeare at Center Frame

New Haven filmmaker Stephen Dest steps out of the way to center the complex story of actor Henry Green in a new documentary.

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