New Hampshire

Quick Takes: Wrong Brain Is Right-On

Thousands of unconventional and underrepresented creatives have a welcoming outlet in Wrong Brain on the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Up in the Treehouse

Megan and Murray McMillan collaborate to build playful, fantastical worlds in spaces steeped in age and history.

When Art is Grounding

New Hampshire-based ceramicist Don Williams finds meaning in creating both intriguing sculpture and everyday items.

Painting Portsmouth

StreetCanvas is a service that beautifies Portsmouth and creates jobs for artists as it integrates art into the community.

A Libeerating Experience

Joanne Francis of Portsmouth Brewery in New Hampshire creates a new beer for women who don’t give a fuck.

#TakeAction and Make a Joyful Noise

Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s Leftist Marching Band brings the party to politics by urging people to action through music.

Proper Burletiquette with Ruby Solitaire

According to Ruby Solitaire, there’s a certain ethic and etiquette to the on-stage madness at Excelsior Burlesque, now playing in Manchester.

Exploring an Augmented Reality

New media artist John Craig Freeman uses augmented reality in public art projects to let us see two worlds at once.

A Stitch in Time

Artist Anna Von Mertens makes bold, conceptual quilts that tell more than stories: they’re reflections on time and space.

Doing Gruit Work

  Earth Eagle Brewings is leading a beer revolution focusing not on hops but gruits, and chronicling the journey in a new book.

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