New Hampshire

Designs for Healthy, Beautiful Homes

Portsmouth, New Hampshire interior designer Lisa Teague creates colorful eco-friendly living spaces in the U.S. and in Africa.

Extra, Extra: A New Hampshire Tiny House

Presenting an extra morsel about a New Hampshire tiny house that couldn’t fit into our October/November 2017 print issue.

Johnny Swing Gallery

A collection of outtakes from our photo shoot with master welder Johnny Swing in his Brookline, Vermont studio.

Quick Takes: Joy in Repetition

Youdhi Maharjan finds peace and comfort through the hours of meticulous, Sisyphean work he puts into his art.

Branching Out

The Birch on Elm brings creatively imagined plates—and equally masterful cocktails—to Manchester, New Hampshire.

Living Free and Funny

New Hampshire comedian Juston McKinney has found success by sticking close to—and joking about—his New England roots.

Finding Space to Dream

Meg Rogers, a multi-disciplinary artist based in New Hampshire, is following her artistic dreams and giving back to the world.

Footings’ Musical Foundations

New Hampshire musician Eric Gagne talks about Footings’ new album, Resolver, and their New England influences.

From Highbrow to Thighbrow

New Hampshire media artist Rachelle Beaudoin on feminism, her obsession with the Kardashians, and finding her body beautiful.

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