New Hampshire

Keeping it Weird in Portsmouth

Theatrical company Mad Haus keeps Portsmouth, New Hampshire, weird one Red Light Series show at a time.

Have Van, Will Paint

Sam Paolini’s Mural Mission is taking their art on the road to connect underground art spaces and DIY communities.

Take Place: Enter Exeter

With its growing number of affordable artist studios and work spaces, Exeter, New Hampshire is on the cusp of something big.

(Tiny) Home on the Range

Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder turn movie-set scraps into a real-life tiny house on wheels where nothing isn’t adorable.

Seeing Forest and the Trees

New Hampshire artist Bradley Castellanos creates meticulously layered, cinematic landscapes are sublime and evocative.

Life as Art

Artist Margery Thomas-Mueller reworks her creative life in New Hampshire, turning from interior design to sprawling landscapes.

From Baseball to Pliés

Junichi Fukuda cultivates an audience for contemporary dance through interpretative performance at Portsmouth’s 3S Artspace.

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