A Colorful Presence in Downtown Northampton

Kyle Richardson and the folks at Royal Talens don’t just sell paint supplies, they embody the philosophy of a royal company.

Something exciting is happening inside of a massive, unassuming warehouse in the Northampton, Massachusetts industrial center. Kyle Richardson, Vice President of the Royal Talens North America branch, and his team are starting to supply the continent with the finest tools for creativity while honoring the legacy of their international company and engaging with the local community all at the same time.

The storied history of this company originates in the Netherlands with Queen Wilhelmina, and now Royal Talens has been producing top-quality paints and supplies for over one hundred years. With locations spanning the globe, and a reputation for unparalleled products, Royal Talens was looking to set roots down in North America last year, but was faced with the daunting task of deciding, simply, where?

Pigments | any colors have names that have historical origins.

Pigments | many colors have names that have historical origins.

Kyle Richardson stepped in to help make this call. Perhaps born from a hometown bias, Richardson couldn’t help but see the myriad ways in which a Northampton base would enrich their company. A community as artistic, tech-savvy, and creative as the Pioneer Valley made  the perfect backdrop for Royal Talens. About a year into moving in, the benefits are already becoming quite clear to Richardson and his team, and the near future is brimming with exciting ideas.

Richardson imagines one wall of the mammoth warehouse space coated in canvas for the public to come and see exactly how their Rembrandt oils and Van Gogh watercolors play out firsthand. “I want to have a space that we can open to the public for events and workshops and tours,” he explained, “a place where people can come and try our products out. We want to open up to the world so people can see us here in person and we can engage with the larger community.”

Images courtesy Royal Talens
Caroline DavisA Colorful Presence in Downtown Northampton

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