What’s Your Favorite Quirky Holiday Song?

We’re on the hunt for our readers’ favorite quirky holiday song for a new holiday playlist. Share your favorite, maybe funny, festive tune.

We’re not jonesin’ for just any old jingle, that is. We want the weird, the quirky, and the spinoffs for this potentially annual Take a Listen holiday Spotify playlist. That means, no decking of halls or jingling of bells allowed (unless you happen to know of cute parody versions), because frankly we’ve had enough of the old.

In addition to asking all of our favorite New England musicians and bands to contribute to the list, we want to know your favorites. So give ’em here! And don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with the playlist until after Thanksgiving. We’re not crazy. Please comment on the post pinned at the top of our Facebook page with your submission(s). Help us build a holiday playlist that’s off the beaten path. We promise, this isn’t just for us to play in the office through the entire month of December…

Emily Hannigan-PageWhat’s Your Favorite Quirky Holiday Song?