Word by Word

Vermont writer Jensen Beach draws acclaim for a collection of stories that link characters together by geography and adversity.

Johnny Swing Gallery

A collection of outtakes from our photo shoot with master welder Johnny Swing in his Brookline, Vermont studio.

Extra, Extra: Nick Anger

Presenting an extra morsel about blacksmith and knife maker Nick Anger that we couldn’t fit into our October/November 2017 print issue.

Taken: Art Hop’s 25th Birthday

In September, Burlington’s creative crew celebrated 25 Years of South End Art Hop with the founders’ exhibition, Crunch & Funk.

Animal Magnetism

Vermont sculptor and video artist Colin C. Boyd pulls from nature to raise existential questions about our connections to animals.

Quick Takes: Special Snowflakes

No two snowflakes are alike, and thanks to one man—Vermont farmer-turned-photographer Wilson A. Bentley—you can see it for yourself.

High Art

Burlington glassblower Charley Reynolds makes colorful high-end bongs equally suitable for smoke shops and galleries.

5 Questions With … Joshua Farr

Five Questions With … photographer Joshua Farr, director of the Vermont Center for Photography, a photographer, and so much more.

Extra, Extra: Johnny Swing

Presenting a tasty tidbit about artist Johnny Swing that our writer couldn’t fit into our October/November 2017 print issue.

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