A Farewell from Take Magazine

A Farewell from Take Magazine

We have some sad news from Take Magazine: Our February/March 2018 issue is our last print issue following our stopping publishing online at the end of last year. Despite our best efforts, Take has not attracted the audience or advertiser interest to remain viable in the long term.

We’re not stopping Take because we’ve run out of funding. We looked at our revenue projections and came to the decision that it would be in the best interests of our company to look to other business opportunities.

We’re very proud of the work that Take published and the incredible staff, freelancers, and community partners we worked with along the way who pledged strong support for this idea. Without them, we wouldn’t have lasted as long as we did.

Thank you for reading and believing in us. Please keep believing in print, and support local artists and the broader creative community. They need you—now more than ever.

Photo by Paul Specht. Clockwise from top left: Michael Kusek, John Arvanitis, Rick Mortensen, Izzy Berdan, Aaron Taylor-Waldman, Janet Reynolds, Jennifer Hayes, Debbie Way, Emily Hannigan-Page, Stacey Kors
Michael KusekA Farewell from Take Magazine