A goodbye from Take Magazine

To our readers: Take Magazine is going to stop publishing. We’ll stop posting stories online at the end of the month and will be publishing one last issue – our February/March issue – early next year.

Get yourself back issues of Take

Missing a few copies of our past print editions? No problem! Complete your collection by ordering a full print run today.

One Night Two Parties

Kick off your summer with the most creative party in the South End of Boston.

How Do You Take Your Take?

As we make a few changes to the publishing of our online edition and tweak a few other things, we want to hear from you.

Taken: Grist for the Mill

Michael Musto and Mickey Boardman provided Grist for the Mill in the form of hot takes, gossip, and a little controversy.

New Investment in Take Magazine

Thanks to new investment in Take Magazine, we’ll be bringing back the print issue in late summer/early autumn 2017.

An Update on Take’s Finances

An update from our publisher on how things are going at Take as we end this year – particularly concerning our financial status.

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