Take’s (Quirky) Holiday Playlist

We asked, you jingled. Take’s Quirky Holiday Playlist is here and it’s decorated with everything from Bob Dylan to Weird Al.

We knew Take readers were ready for the challenge: help us find the quirkiest of the holiday tunes that now fill our ears in every space we inhabit for the next month. And you did. A lot of them.

So we put our Santa pants on and played all your submissions in the office—some we recognized, others left us scratching our heads (ya’ll are strange and we love it). We’ll admit, sifting through your favorite tunes wasn’t all Christmas bows and holiday cheer… while many of us enjoyed cozying up under a blanket of festive song, others claimed they endured suffering *ahem* looking at you, John.

John "The Grinch" Arvanitis, quirky holiday playlist

John “The Grinch” Arvanitis

We even got western-Massachusetts based circus punk band Bella’s Bartok to contribute. Per their recommendation, you simply must include Mariah Carey’s Christmas album Merry Christmas in your holiday listening repertoire this year because, “that shit is absolute gold,” says bassist and mustache savant, Dan Niederhauser. Suffice to say, we’re officially in the holiday spirit thanks to you all! Well, most of us are. 😉


Emily Hannigan-PageTake’s (Quirky) Holiday Playlist