New England Bands at SXSW

Heyo! This week, at least 23 musical acts from New England are at SXSW, the Austin, Texas festival of music, film and ideas.

They represent some impressive talent in many genres, and we wish we could catch all their performances. In lieu of that, we’ve compiled as complete a list as we could of all the NE bands rocking the Lone Star State. Plus, the River (WRSI) is airing live SXSW performances by several Pioneer Valley bands, including And The Kids, LuxDeluxe, Heather Maloney, the Snaz, Jamie Kent, Matt Hebert (of Haunt, now based in Austin), and Brothers Born. Please excuse the brevity of the genre descriptions. Just click on the links for more info about each band, and get busy making that “NE Goes to SXSW 2015” playlist!


And the Kids (alt-rock/pop)

Brothers Born (folk rock)

Chandos (rock)

Elder (metal)

Grey Season (folk rock)

Handsome Ghost (pop)

Heather Maloney (folk rock)

Jamie Kent (folk rock)

LuxDeluxe (pop/rock)

Night Lights (pop/rock)

Radclyffe Hall (electro-pop)

Robokid (electronic/dance)

Speedy Ortiz (rock)

St. Nothing (electro-pop)

Static Selektah (hip-hop/rap)

The Ballroom Thieves (folk)

Rhode Island



DuPont Brothers (rock)

Get a Grip (hardcore/punk)

Lowell Thompson (alt-country)

The Snaz (pop/rock)

Waylon Speed (rock)

Zero Circle (rock)

Michael KusekNew England Bands at SXSW