Barbara Ernst Prey, MassMoCA

This Watercolorist Thinks Big

Barbara Ernst Prey super-sizes watercolor, a medium often reserved for smaller works, for MassMoCA’s new wing Building 6.

analog photography, CatLABS-photo-by-Tess-Scheflan

Get It On Film

In the Greater Boston area, a group of artists and collectives are keeping analog photography alive. You’re welcome.

National lynching memorial, Mass Design Group, EJI

Healing Designs

This Boston-designed memorial to lynching victims fights the shameful legacy of racist Confederate statues.

Dripped On The Road, Ramiro Davaro-Comas

Residential Roadtrip

Ramiro Davaro-Comas hits the road with this one-of-a-kind artist residency for graphic artists, ending at POW! WOW! Worcester.

The Drinking Fountain, Jamaica Plain, Robert Maloney photo

Drinking at the Fountain

Jill McDonough shares a few memories of the Drinking Fountain, a Jamaica Plain local favorite, in the days before its close.

Breathe, Pause, Breathe by Clive Moloney

A Moving Experience

Artist Clive Moloney’s new kinetic sculpture exhibit in Massachusetts explores the parameters of art that breathes and moves.

Chica De Gallo

Step Away From the “Avocado Paste”

Chica De Gallo serves up an array of salsa and guacamole products handmade with fresh, local ingredients out of Everett, Massachusetts.

David J house party

The Sheridans’ Sermon Series

A house concert by David J in a former Holyoke church? Take takes you behind the scenes to this extraordinary night.

Rob Larsen, graffiti/street art in Boston

Boston’s Graffiti Tour Guide

Rob Larsen has watched the graffiti scene ebb and flow through Boston‘s neighborhoods. Let him show you around.

Royal Frog Ballet

Field Trip

Examining the indefinable art behind the ‘surrealist cabaret’ of the Royal Frog Ballet in Western Massachusetts.

Howdy Pardner

Western Massachusetts guitarist Anthony Pasquarosa has a new endeavor: an imaginary spaghetti western soundtrack.

Magic Fluke Company, Sheffield Massachusetts

No Fluke

The Magic Fluke Company in Massachusetts can help you channel your inner Jake Shimabukuru with hand-crafted ukuleles.

Susan Gaylord, Spirit Book | Photo courtesy of the artist

Powered By Words

For Massachusetts artist Susan Gaylord making art starts not with paint or other media. It starts with words.

The Leafies You Gave Me, CShea photo

Off Off Off Broadway

The Massachusetts theatrical music group The Leafies You Gave Me may defy performance categories, but they are so worth the trip.


LuxDeluxe Delivers

Prime your appetite for some musical munchies and Let’s Do Lunch, the latest release from Northampton’s LuxDeluxe.

Michael McCarthy, Hilltown 6 Pottery Tour

Potting with a Purpose

Michael McCarthy, a member of the Hilltown 6 Pottery Tour, uses an X-acto knife to create pottery that’s bold and functional.

The Rap Scholars Podcast

Rapping with the Rap Scholars

The Rap Scholars Podcast, run by Nasir Thato Marumo and Alfred “Freddie” Kimani, takes on rap music misconceptions and more.

The Rap Scholars Podcast

Rapping with the Rap Scholars

The Rap Scholars Podcast, run by Nasir Thato Marumo and Alfred “Freddie” Kimani, takes on rap music misconceptions and more.

Salt Supply, Provincetown Massachusetts

A Salty Supply

Salt hotelier Kevin O’Shea has opened the lifestyle brand’s first independent retail outlet, Salt Supply, in Ptown.

Dana Masterpolo, Michelle DeSilva, Bantam Cider, David Salafial image

At Bantam Cider House, Ladies Rule

Dana Masterpolo, co-founder of Bantam Cider Company, talks about the highs and lows of running her small brewery so close to the city.

Yarrow Paisley, I, No Other, Northampton author

Man of Letters

Northampton writer/letter carrier Yarrow Paisley embraces absurdity and the uncomfortable, and hopes readers will, too.

Geena Matuson, Girl Mirage

The Illusion is Real

Medfield, Massachusetts multidisciplinary artist Geena Matuson on illusion, storytelling, and her body as a landscape for the surreal.

Gails Spilsbury, Red Line Podcast

She Did It for the Red Line

Red Line, a new audio serial by Gail Spilsbury, takes listeners on a bumpy ride through love and learning in Boston.

Alexander Weinsteain, Children of the New World, Martha's Vineyward

Martha’s Vineyard as Muse

New England’s beauty and nature become both setting and character in Alexander Weinstein’s writing and workshops.

Dean McKeever, Tree House brewing can

The Art of the Can

Massachusetts illustrator Dean McKeever is the man behind the cult classic Tree House Brewery craft beer cans.

Mark Guglielmo, APE Gallery

Guglielmo in Transition

Former rapper and hip-hop producer Mark Guglielmo debuts a new series Cuba in Transition at A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery in Northampton

Lisa A. Foster, Tied, 2010 46 x 60 in.

Foster’s Care

Longmeadow artist Lisa A. Foster explores the journey of women through historical materials and nude self-portraiture.

MassMoCA, New construction, Building 6 at Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA. Douglas Mason photo

The Ever-Expanding MassMoCA

New MassMoCA expansion doubles its size, increasing the opportunities for more exhibits and for creating long-term relationships with artists.

Cousin Moon, Massachusetts band

Cousin Moon’s Polyphonic Ride

You can call Cousin Moon many things, but “band” may not be a term all-inclusive enough to fit the breadth of what they do.

CREATE Boston 2016 photo courtesy FrontBurnerSocial

CREATE-ing a Better Boston

CREATE Boston celebrates art, food, drink, and music while developing more opportunities for Boston’s great artists.

Photograph by Shervin Lainez | Photo courtesy the artist

Tender, Forever

Amherst singer/songwriter Mary Lambert wants you to know she is unapologetically fat, femme, and gay as hell.

AcousticaElectronica | courtesy of ToUch Performance Art

Fist Pumping at an Opera Singer

This immersive theater company isn’t just breaking down the “fourth wall”—it’s blasting it to smithereens.

Becoming the Gold Dust Orphans

Becoming The Gold Dust Orphans

The Gold Dust Orphans are to Provincetown what Steppenwolf is to Chicago, The Groundlings are to LA, and the Comédie-Française is to Paris. 

Tanja Hollander Header Image Take Mag


Artist Tanja Hollander’s exhibit at Mass MoCA examines the nature of friendship in our new world of social media.

And the Kids | Photo by Pierre Manning

The Kids Are Alright

You’ll find Northampton indie folk-rock heroes And The Kids wailing behind NPR’s Tiny Desk, and picking up floor milk.

North Shore Community Development Coalition in Salem MA on November 18, 2016. | Photo Dominic Chavez

From Lemons to Lemonade

Dominican-American artist Silvia Lopez Chavez is teaching Boston about the power of art to transform communities.