Shiny Objects: November 24th-26th

Our Shiny Objects will (maybe) make you feel a bit better about spending time with the fam. This week’s list: November 24th-26th.

For readers who have uncomplicated, loving relationships with their extended family coming to visit this Turkey Day, we say congratulations. For the rest of us who have a bit more fraught relationships with our close and/or extended families, here are some inoffensive and broad Shiny Objects. Hopefully an activity, live show or group outing will distract you from certain a family member’s off-kilter political leanings, backhanded compliments, and/or complaints about dates you brought home ten years ago. Head out and do something before the living room and dinner-time banter drives you to say or do something you’ll regret.

Things to do in Massachusetts 

It’s Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection
Peabody Essex Museum
East India Square,
161 Essex Street
On view until November 26th
10AM – 5PM

Trick your Trump-supporting uncle into seeing this collection of classic horror and science fiction art. He’ll think he’s just seeing a bunch of rogue brutal works owned by the guitarist of Metallica, but you’ll know he’s actually “[exploring] the interplay of creativity, emotion and popular culture.”

SAINTS SLUTS SIRENS: Archetypes of the Feminine
UnchARTed Gallery
103 Market Street
Friday November 24, Saturday November 25
11:30am to 1am

The lucky ones have at least one super cool, feminist relative right? They’re the one you can knowingly glance at across the table when someone’s husband says something awful. Peel away from the rest of the family and go see this exhibit with that special relative who sees your distaste with it all.

Things to do in Connecticut

Rags: An American Musical
The Goodspeed
6 Main Street
East Haddam
Friday, November 24 2PM & 8PM
Saturday, November 25 3PM & 8PM
Sunday, November 26 2PM 6:30PM

A good ol’ American musical about immigrants coming to the United States in the early 20th century. Certainly not an uncomplicated topic, but with a score by the songwriters of Annie and Wicked, everyone should be enamored for (at least) the duration of the performance.

Things to do in Vermont

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium
1302 Main Street
St. Johnsbury
9AM – 5PM

With differing natural history exhibitions and contemporary programming in the varied locations across their Arts and Culture Campus, there’s something for everyone here. Study the museum map BEFORE you get stoned with your cousins and unsuccessfully attempt to locate the planetarium.

Things to do in Maine

19th Annual Animation Show of Shows
Portland Museum of Art
7 Congress Square
Friday, November 24, 2PM & 6PM
Saturday, November 25, 2PM
Sunday, November 26, 2PM
Portland, Maine

Animation is truly an incredible medium. Animated characters can reduce your Trump-supporting uncle to tears just as easily as it can provoke existential questions from your sibling getting his PhD in bioethics. In other words, animation is broad, entertaining and distracting, making it a perfect shared experience for any group.

Things to do in Rhode Island

Bowen’s Wharf Block Party
13 Bowen’s Wharf
Friday, November 24th
4:00-8pm (Parade starts at 6:15 PM)

It’s a harmless block party by the sea! Take the whole fam to watch the boat parade and while they’re distracted, sneak into one of the shops to do some pre-holiday shopping.

Things to do in New Hampshire

Art on The Hill Open Studios
Art on The Hill Kittery
78 Government Street
Friday November 24 – Sunday November 26
10AM – 5PM

Here’s the plan: bring the whole family, separate from the group with your favs, leave the unwanted and unsavory relatives behind to fend for themselves. With three floors and dozens of studios to peruse, you should be able to disappear pretty easily.

John ArvanitisShiny Objects: November 24th-26th

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