Putting Women First

Jane Lund helps curate A.P.E. Gallery’s  first-ever exhibit of self-portraits by 50 Massachusetts women artists.

Wendy Woodson : She Will Persevere

Multi-faceted artist Wendy Woodson offers her best advice for overcoming the many challenges of being an artist today.

Showcasing the GIFted: Jazer Giles

Jazer Giles is a Pioneer Valley multi-hyphenate: electronic musician, experimental video maker, bike mechanic, and GIF artist.

The Layered Look

Boston multimedia artist Erica Licea-Kane uses a pastry bag to create “object paintings” with multiple layers of meaning.

Showcasing the GIFted: Sabato Visconti

Western Massachusetts-based new media artist Sabato Visconti considers GIFs a synthesis of art forms, a kind of glitch cinema.

Eric Lesser: Filling in the Gaps

When he’s not helping the writers of Veep, Senator Eric Lesser promotes arts, culture, and tourism in western Massachusetts.

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