Upper Leather Queer Made

Holyoke leatherworker Mateo Guadalupe creates one-of-a-kind “luxe leather amulets” for all bodies at Leather Coven.

The Life of Water

Multimedia artist David Teeple creates watery installations designed to examine our relationship with this precious resource.

5 Questions with … Che Anderson

Five Questions With … Che Anderson, Worcester’s not-so-secret arts booster, Worcester Mag’s Person of the Year, and more. 

Exploring Incidental Matters

Painter Julie Graham explores the unexpected intersection of art and architecture in her new exhibit, Incidental Matters.

Seeking Paradise Through Song

Western Massachusetts musician Jake Klar channels his wanderings into a new album of troubadour homecoming.

Listen to Your Elder

Jack Donovan and his bandmates in Elder are on the road and loving where 2017 is taking them and their new album.

A Poem by Krysten Hill

A piece about family and food-making written by Krysten Hill, selected by Take’s poetry editor, Jill McDonough.

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