New England

Shiny Objects: November 24th-26th

Our Shiny Objects will (maybe) make you feel a bit better about spending time with the fam. This week’s list: November 24th-26th.

Speak Easy and Carry a Classic Cocktail

New England speakeasies are the perfect place for inventive craft cocktails behind hidden doors. Be sure you know the password.

What’s Your Favorite Quirky Holiday Song?

We’re on the hunt for our readers’ favorite quirky holiday song for a new holiday playlist. Share your favorite, maybe funny, festive tune.

Shiny Objects: November 10th-12th

Not sure what to do this weekend? Don’t fret. Shiny Objects, Take’s curated weekend guide, has top NE picks for November 10th-12th.

Take It Home: Raising the Bar

Cocktails, anyone? Raise the bar with top-shelf, New England artisan-made glassware, trays, kitchen towels, and muddlers.

Artists to Watch in 2018

Selected by curators, our ten New England Artists to Watch reinvent their chosen media to bring viewers the unexpected in 2018.

The Men with a Movie Score

 For over twenty-five years, The Alloy Orchestra have been crafting fresh and innovative scores for silent film classics.

Take It Home: Sleek, Spiny, Shiny

Three New England-made objects that we’re currently drooling over: a spiny bowl, sleek pens, and modern lighting.

Skeletons in the Forest

New England’s immortal metal music scene has made winter bearable for diehard headbangers for decades.

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