Rhode Island

Holy Golden’s Otherworldly Music

Newport-based duo Holy Golden on their real life Martha’s Vineyard fairy tale, cross-country autumn tour, and artistic worlds.

Street Take: Beware the Battlecat

Our bimonthly spotlight on a piece of non-traditional art in an unusual place turns its eye to Providence and muralist Nychos.

Quick Takes: Love Bitte

Rhode Island’s Willa Van Nostrand concocts original artisanal cocktails to take your big event to the next level.

Getting Physical

OUT LOUD Theatre’s Kira Hawkridge has an avant-garde approach to performance that’s drawing raves in Providence.

Volmer’s Vessels

Lincoln, RI fine artist Suzanne Volmer on the essential quality of materials and making art that is experiential.

Joey La Neve DeFrancesco Heads Downtown

Joey La Neve DeFrancesco talks about Downtown Boys’ new album and taking on the establishment when other musicians hold back.

Cartooning as Catharsis

Rhode Island cartoonist Walker Mettling coaches kids about the art and encourages self-expression through cartooning. 

House of Cach Gallery

Take a peek at select outtakes from our fashion shoot with the inventive Providence accessories company House of Cach.

Through the Peephole

Rhode Island photographer Maria Scaglione uses her art to communicate the world’s many points of view. Step into her shadowbox.

The Hanged Man Lives

Musician Ted Leo moves from punk and a collaboration with Aimee Mann to the personal in his new album, The Hanged Man.

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