Vagina Matters

Maine dancer Sara Juli takes a hidden problem—tense vagina—and uses humor and choreography to raise awareness.

Getting Psychedelic

The Mallet Brothers Band has taken over the Maine music scene with its groovy, jam band grassroots movement.

Singing With Soul in Portland

Award-winning singer and songwriter Jenny Van West sands off her rough edges to bring her best to every performance.

Finding Her Tribe

Maine jewelry designer Pamela DeSantis pairs minimalism with the exotic to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

On Set with Matthew Delamater

Portland, Maine-based actor Matthew Delamater found his passion later in life and is loving his life onstage.

Knitting by Design

Maine knitwear designer Bristol Ivy is dedicated to helping knitters everywhere satisfy their yarn porn itch.

Maine’s Hip Hop Flower Shop

The ebb and flow of long Maine winters saturate the multimedia hip hop experience known as Flower Shop.

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