New England

New England Food Truck Festival, Makin' Jamaican

Food Truckin’

The New England Food Truck Festival, a one-stop foodie haven, sets up for two days at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Getaway tiny houses, Clara Getaway house

The Anti-Vacation

Getaway tiny houses in the woods help stressed-out city dwellers rekindle an interest in life unplanned.

Blind Sushi, Bun Lai, Ryan Knighton

Seeing, Feeling, Believing

In Blind Sushi, New Haven Sushi Chef Bun Lai and blind explorer Ryan Knighton scour the New England coast for food and adventure.

Moxie, Distinctively Different, soda, Coca-Cola

Distinctively Different

America’s oldest bottled soft drink, Moxie, was invented right here in New England. Today, it has its own fan club.

Sofar Sounds, Sonia Rao, live music, Myles Tan photos

Rooftop Rock from Sofar Sounds

Head to a Sofar Sounds gig in New England to discover curated live music from up-and-coming artists in unconventional locations.

Top photo ceramics by Molly Hatch | Photo by John Polak


With a little help from Elenor Wilson of Studio Potter, we introduce you to the region’s coolest ceramics artists.

Illustrations by Maxine Hwang Blomberg

Big Top in Our Back Yard

Have you ever wanted to run off and join the circus? New England has a surprising number of schools for that.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Fluff Piece

Marshmallow Fluff: You know it, you love it, and it’s officially been a staple in your lunchbox for one hundred years.

Film camera is a retronym

Final Take – Retronyms

Retronyms are newly coined names for retro things, but what does that have to do with New England’s new culture?

Nabeela Vegaq

Artists to Watch 2017

Our list of artists to watch for the upcoming year, with a little help from our arts-savvy friends from around New England. 

Women's March for America 2017, Boston | Photograph by Henry Amistadi

#TakeAction – Come Together

Take’s Managing Editor reflects on the importance of heart, hope, and yes, headcount, at the Women’s March in Boston.

Boston Woman's March | Photo by Henry Amistadi

#TakeAction New England Numbers

HEARD. New England was up and out in droves for the Women’s March this past weekend with loud voices, creativity, and hope.

Image courtesy Writers Resist

Take Action: Write Our Democracy

Hundreds of writers, readers, and activists are coming together on January 15th across the nation to speak out for democracy.

Letterpress arrangement designed by Jan Šabach

Letter Heads

New England’s letterpress locations utilize the centuries-old analog process to create lasting words and objects.

Nick Cave "Until" | Photo courtesy MASSMoCA / Photography by James Prinz

Take Magazine – Best of 2016

As this year draws to a close, it’s hard to believe that 2016 is going to end up on anyone’s “Best of” list.

New Year's Eve

First Night New England

Somehow we made it through 2016, the year where literally everything that could possibly go wrong, did.

Board by Jesse Loomis

Fast Take: All Aboard

Street? Slope? Shoreline? There’s a board for that. And it’s made in New England.

What Are You Called?

What the hell’s a demonyn, you ask? The folks at Take save you another unpleasant visit to Urban Dictionary.


#Nofilter New England

From food to tattoos, flowers to hotels, fill your Instagram feed with some of our favorite New England IGrs.

Nice Cave

Cave and the Art of Community

With the installation Until, Nick Cave and Mass MoCA invite the community in for creation, collaboration, and healing.

Soda Graphic

Sweetest New England Sodas

NE has a long and storied history with regional tonics – we sought out who was still producing and discovered some new ones.

DeCordova Biennial Callisto 2014 | Youjin Moon | video, sound | Courtesy of the artist and DM Contemporary, New York, NY

deCordova Biennial 2016

One of the first, and certainly one of the foremost, celebrates its nearly 80-year relationship with modern & contemporary art.

Meet the Milliners

Hats are making a comeback. No longer a lost trade, hat making, or millinery, has inspired a growing number of New England artisans.


In addition to being the birthplace of the largest donut chain on Earth, New England has myriad mom-and-pop donut shops

Obsolete, My Ass

Take’s Analog Issue celebrates ink on paper, hand painted signs, vinyl records, storytelling, and more.

Inside Job

Artist and Monkey Maker Abby Manock fills the interior covers of our first issue with art instead of advertisements.

Cover Story

Behind the scenes in choosing Take’s first cover, featuring artist Eben Kling’s journey to capture “New England’s new culture”

Life at the Fringe

Didn’t think you’d find any New Englanders in Scotland for the Edinburg Festival Fringe? Think again!

Film Frenzy

The 48-Hour Film Project hits New England, leaving sleep deprived filmmakers in its wake — plus some very cool short films. 

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