New Hampshire

Charlie Peckar’s Green Mountain Tap Handles | Photo by Derek Sensale

Getting a Handle on Craft Brewing

Charlie Peckar creates designer tap handles and other beer accoutrements is at Green Mountain Taps in Hinsdale, New Hampshire.

Kristian Matsson of Tallest Man on Earth using the Tall Pine Gutiar Strap | Photo courtesy LK Leather

For the Love of Leather

Linny Kenney discovered a passion for leatherwork, and all it took was a 3,700-mile solo horseback ride across the U.S.

Unwoven Light, 2013 | Photo courtesy the artist

Stretching the Form

Working with themes of displacement and self-awareness, sculptor Soo Sunny Park challenges the nature of perception.

Portrait of Peter Pettengill working with his Inking Plate | All photos by Paul Teeling

Meet the Press

Working for decades with established and emerging artists, Hinsdale’s master printer cranks out fine art at Wingate Studio.

Lucky's Barbershop and Shave Parlor - photograph by Natasha Moustache

Tattoo and a Haircut

   “You wanna talk dying trades? I was 20 years old, and I learned to barber from guys in their 70s. The things I learned. . .the people I met. . .”

photo by Jeffrey Joseph | Courtesy Creative Commons

Old Man

New Hampshire native River Clegg eulogizes one of the most enduring and beloved symbols of the Granite State.

Wing Back | Photo courtesy Tom Olson

The Middle Way

Typodesine is a design practice that seeks to engage a middle ground between art, architecture, and furniture design.

Author Tim Horvath | Photo by Anthony Grassetti

What Lies Beneath

“For me, fiction is a way of accessing the sense that the universe is the possible, not just the actual.”

Image courtesy of Michael Winters Photography

Winters is on an Otherwordly Wavelength

Michael Winters’ ghosts, nature witches, and dolls on digital are cooler than the maiden-heroes and villains in your fantasies.

Hood is Downtown…For Now

ATTN: The Hood Museum at Dartmouth College is temporarily closed for expansion, the good news is the programming will not stop.

Iron and Air Magazine

Live to Ride

Iron & Air Magazine will quell your motorcycle ride through the mountains wanderlust when the weather don’t play.

Still from "The Witch", 2015

Watch: Robert Eggers “The Witch”

“The Witch” will feel especially spooky for the New Englanders who grew up with a forest of deep, dark woods behind their house.

One Wild Musher

Turns out New England has a vibrant dog sled racing culture and New Hampshire has one of its wildest participants. 

A Brewery to Brag About

A chemist, a pastor, and a terrorism studies expert walk into a bar. It’s no joke. Actually, the three guys own the bar

Glazed Expressions

New Hampshire-based artist Hideaki Miyamura has spent a career reviving a lost ceramic process with completely modern results.

You’re Kitten Me

It’s difficult to imagine a more 21st-century pastime—a 90-minute offline viewing of online cat videos at the Music Hall in Portsmouth.

Insiders Take: Chris Greiner

Chris Greiner founder of 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, discusses its mission with arts writer Andrew Wallace.

Granite Opera

Opera can be a tough sell even in an urban setting, but this Lebanon, New Hampshire, opera company seals the deal.

The Summer Season

Violinist Charles Dimmick plays rarely performed Vivaldi at the New Hampshire Music Festival in Plymouth.

Photo by Elisabeth Fuchsia

The Thing Peterborough Does

Bringing innovations in art and music to New Hampshire, The Thing in the Spring pulses a path through Peterborough.


Welcome to The Word Barn – where renowned writers and literary aficionados gather to prove that, “poetry is everywhere.”

Iron & Air

Mags We Like: Iron & Air

If vintage and custom bikes are your thing, you might like Iron & Air magazine of New Hampshire as much as us.

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