Mallet Brothers Band, Maine live music

Getting Psychedelic

The Mallet Brothers Band has taken over the Maine music scene with its groovy, jam band grassroots movement.

Jenny Van West, photo by Elizabeth Harvey

Singing With Soul in Portland

Award-winning singer and songwriter Jenny Van West sands off her rough edges to bring her best to every performance.

Pamela DeSantis, Honey Tribe Jewelry

Finding Her Tribe

Maine jewelry designer Pamela DeSantis pairs minimalism with the exotic to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Matthew Delamater, Maine actor

On Set with Matthew Delamater

Portland, Maine-based actor Matthew Delamater found his passion later in life and is loving his life onstage.

Bristol Ivy, knitwear designer, Maine

Knitting by Design

Maine knitwear designer Bristol Ivy is dedicated to helping knitters everywhere satisfy their yarn porn itch.

Mhondoro aka Mhon Griot | Photo by Justin Hardesty | Flower Shop

Maine’s Hip Hop Flower Shop

The ebb and flow of long Maine winters saturate the multimedia hip hop experience known as Flower Shop.

Maine sculptor Lin Lisberger, Bagle Breakfast Sandwich, Luc Demers photo

Hand in Carving with Wood

Maine sculptor Lin Lisberger tells her wooden sculpture stories using only native Maine trees. Each piece is a moment in time.

Buoy Gallery, Aled Mead, ArtPM exhibit Photograph by Jocelyn Toffic

Buoyed by Art

The Annual ArtPM Show at Buoy Gallery in Kittery, Maine, is a celebration of art and artists where everything goes. 

Michael Sargent, Storytelling at the Corner, Maine

Storytelling Full Disclosure

Storytelling at The Corner is about more than simply sharing stories. It’s about fostering community in Maine.

Food Fork Lab, Portland Maine

Put A Fork (Food Lab) In It

Fork Food Lab is connecting food makers with food lovers in Portland, Maine’s West Bayside neighborhood.

All photos courtesy Studio 24b

The Wonders of Wood

Portland, Maine woodworker Matt Hutton creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture in the comfort of his own backyard.

Photo by Izzy Berdan

Take Root

This knobby, hairy, beige root vegetable doesn’t exactly scream, “Eat me!” but you know better than to judge a book by its cover.

Culinary Heresies | Photo by Cara Slifka

Culinary Heresies

Co-owned by Don Lindgren, Rabelais Books in Biddeford, Maine, stocks new and vintage books on food and drink.

Photo by Henry Amistadi

#TakeAction: Sign of the Times

Did you make one of the many brilliant signs seen at the Women’s March? A museum near you just might be asking for it.

Renee Coolbrith | Photo by Dylan Verner Photography & Design

Maine’s Underground, Online

From tribute nights to DIY up-and-comers, Factory Portland and Newz by The Nunz has your close coverage.

Peter McLaughlin at SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine

Indie Music’s Maine Man

Peter McLaughlin is Portland, Maine’s indie music liaison, with more than a few recommendations of artists who are currently “under-the-radar.”

That’s the Shiit

Maine’s funkiest fungi farm ‘Cap ‘N Stem’ supplies myco-nerds nationwide with ready-to-fruit shroom blocks.

All photos courtesy M.S. Walker

Maine’s Addiction

Lobster and maple syrup may be New England taste-staples, but many Mainers crave a different flavor on their palates.

Photo by Will Sears | "Murder She Wrote”

It’s a Sign

The painted wooden sign has a long history in New England, and is no less effective today for our beloved shopkeeps.

Jason Cornell in Vienna, Austria | Photo by David Višnjić

Now, More than Ever

BRZOWSKI and his labelmates at Milled Pavement have been speaking truth to power for years, and don’t plan on stopping.

Still from Tumbledown (2016)

Hollywood Comes to Maine…Sort of

Portland’s writer-director duo on Rusticator Pictures, and how to make a movie that captures Maine’s “Maine-ness.”

Lewis Robinson Photo by Sean Mewshaw

Talking Shop in the Original Portland

Maine’s finest writers are invited to chat with Lewis Robinson, creator of the Talk Shop Podcast recorded in his own backyard. 

Watch: First Light

First Light tells the story of the systematic displacement of the Wabanaki people and what the state of Maine did to help them heal.

The Simple Power of the Cup

Earthenware artist Ayumi Horie forges magic and activism to change the way you drink coffee, one cup at a time.

The Portland Brick Project

Portland’s brick walkways showcase the memories of its everyday citizens, creating a new, more inclusive city history. 

Installation of Particle Soul-014, 2016 | CMCA courtyard | artist Jonathan Borofsky and executive director Suzette McAvoy | Photo by Amy Wilson

An American Kunsthall

This past summer, cutting-edge art in Maine found a new home at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland.

Image courtesy of Vinegar Hill

The Kennebunks’ Musical Cure

The Kennebunks are widely known throughout New England for their indie art galleries, local boutiques, and farm-to-table eateries.

Aperture, 2014, woven mixed media, 30 x 12 inches

Gail Skudera: W O V E N

Unravel at Portland’s Maine Museum of Photographic Art with Gail Skedura’s mixed media, patterned portraitures

Tim Rollins and K. O. S. (United States, established 1984), A Midsummer Night's Dream, 2016, ink on latex saturated cellulose, 159 3/4 x 416 5/8 inches. Museum purchase with support from the Maine Center for Creativity, 2016.7.

Tim Rollins & K.O.S.: Art for revival

A lifetime of collaboration between artist Tim Rollins and K.O.S. (Kids of Survival) is on exhibition at the Portland Museum of Art.

Slow Boat to Iceland

Almost one year ago, Maine-based photographer Justin Levesque hopped on a container ship headed to Iceland.


Millennial photographers bring the intimate landscapes and city life of Portland to their ten thousand plus Instagram followers. 

Spit Take: The Thin Blue Line

If Sergeant Tim Cotton of Bangor, Maine, were a TV cop, he’d be the wisecracking, deadpan detective Lenny from Law & Order.

Orchestral Maneuvers

Violinist Charles Dimmick can be heard with the regions best ensembles – and spotted on the roads driving between them.

Wild Ferments

Experimental mead making in Maine creates drafts with raw local honey, water, wild yeast, plus ‘mystery and happy surprises’.

Did Someone Say Lobstah?

Inspiration strikes over a dinner of lobster rolls resulting in a beer with a touch of brininess and sweetness.

Out of the Forest

Musical multi-tasker gives us the low-down on the underground such as Caethua’s “enchanting hymns” from rural Maine.