Adirondack Guideboat photo 5

Artwork on the Water

Adirondack Guideboat keeps a boat-building tradition afloat on the shores of Vermont’s Lake Champlain.

Not Nearly As Bad As You Thought

The old mill town of Bellows Falls, Vermont is funky and arty, and its residents have a good sense of humor.

Recession Special European Tour - Double Vision, Long Gone duet, Lida Winfield & Ellen Smith Ahern, 2011 | Photo by Marek Procházk

Putting Words in Motion

Vermont dancer Lida Winfield uses painful memories of growing up dyslexic to make beautiful, raw, transformative art. 

Retreat to Move Forward

Vermont Performance Lab gives dance companies and choreographers a chance to develop their craft with help from the locals.

Abby Monack | Photo by Tim Ireland

Black, White, and Abby All Over

Abby Manock is still a kid at heart—she loves to dress up and play games. But mostly she likes to work. 

Bugs | Photographed by Mutsu Crispin

How Do You Like Them Apples?

One of our 2017 Artists to Watch, Mutsu Crispin paralyzes bouncing balls and brings devilish fairy tales to life.

Elmore Mountain Bread photo by Ben Grunrow

Bake It Slow

Vermont bakers work with farmers to put locally grown grain into their loaves, creating some of the tastiest nearby breads.

The Vinyl Revival

Burlington Record Plant presses new music on vinyl, returning the warm sound—and readable liner notes—lost in the age of CDs.

Images courtesy Beau


Montpelier’s newest eatery is a butchery + bar that provides an aesthetically rich experience with a heavy pour.

Photo from the Things That are Orange series | Photo by Joshua Farr

Curating the Visual

Director of the Vermont Center for Photography Joshua Farr loves to look local. He also loves the color orange.

Final Take - Fertile Ground by Michelle Ephraim - Illustration by Bronwen Hodgkins

Final Take: Fertile Ground

Michelle Ephraim has published personal essays and humor pieces in Lilith, The Morning News, Word Riot, and The Washington Post.

Justin Squizzero Weaver

Throwback Threads

Justin Squizzero and Eaton Hill Textile Works painstakingly create gorgeous, historically accurate, textiles in Vermont.

Duncan Johnson

Into the Wood

Assemblage artist Duncan Johnson blends creativity and chance in his colorful paintings made from salvaged materials.

Whiskey Tits Have Many Dimensions

Miette Gillette moved from NYC to rural Vermont, where she inseminates pigs and publishes experimental literature. 

David Nielsen

Art in The Age of Uncertainty

Angered by the election results, artist David Nielsen takes to the airwaves to discuss the history of activist art in America.

Bianca Stone

The Daughters Stone

Three generations of Stone women have been writers and poets, making one ponder the existence of a literary gene. 

Taqueté Rabbit Bahkti Ziet

Looming in Vermont

For almost 50 years, Bhakti Ziek followed her thread all over the world –  meeting other artists and making signature work.

242 Main Burlington Vermont

Documenting 242 Main

Burlington’s historic teen center 242 Main is the focus of a new documentary video produced and created by three organizations.

Hall Arts Foundation Vermont

Got Art?

Lexington Farm continues to quench the thirst of Reading’s residents, but these days they’re thirsty for fine art.

Image of Bison by Kevin Bloom

There Are Bison in Vermont

Self-described nomadic-disco-punk band Bison out of The Queen City – followers and fans fondly referred to as the ‘herd’. 

Jesse Azarian

Art is Food

Accessible artist extraordinaire Jesse Azarian brings a dose of nicotine and pop culture to his many, many paintings.

New England Film Online Film Festival Pillow Talk

Let’s Talk About “Pillow Talk”

Good friends console you in a crisis, but true friends let you know, through embarrassing memoir, how bad it could have been.

Who is SHE!?

Even in this moment of alleged post-feminism, how is it that social media, beauty, and branding still affect women of a certain age?

Death at The Smithsonian

Death takes their rightful place at the future Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The Third Industrial Revolution

Whether you’re fabricating cardboard pinball machines, or laser cutting book covers, Generator’s got your back.

Sculpture in Motion

Each of George Sherwood’s reflective, kinetic sculptures will challenge your perception of what is natural and normal.

Rock and a Historic Place

One glance at our early 20th-century monuments and buildings shows how much marble is a part of our bedrock.

Selling Vermont

Stephanie Walker returned to her home state, and she’s ready to bring everyone the best contemporary art from around the world

Mundane Museum

It is life’s most typical and seemingly inconsequential objects that populate the exhibits at the Museum of Everyday Life.

Take Back: Abby Manock

We chatted with multi-genre artist and visual designer, Abby Manock, recently to see what she’s been up to since we spoke last.

Crushing Out on Roberto Lugo

Roberto Lugo’s pottery will blow your damn mind, mixing classic Royal Worcester forms, graffiti and some Ghostface Killah.

David Pill’s i.c.e. c.u.b.e. | Photography by Andy Duback

Architects on Ice

When you need a bit more glamour when you’re ice fishing, the Shelburne Museum showcases the ice shanty as modern art.

Broom, Broom

The Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleboro gets jazzed by guitarist Bobby Broom with a stop on his My Shining Hour tour.

Silo Distillery | Photo by Eric Medsker

Farm to Flask

It doesn’t matter if your pour is gin, whiskey or vodka, Windsor, Vermont’s SILO Distillery makes homegrown hooch.

A Taste of Place

Vermont’s award-winning Jasper Hill cheese – Bayley Hazen Blue, Alpine-style Alpha Tolman, and the Winnimere.

The Brat Pack

The Snaz seem to be popping up everywhere that something’s popping, with a modern sound that evokes everything from Spoon to the B-52s.

Feelin’ Groovy

Women’s clothes for every body. The October issue of Take includes a fashion shoot of clothes designed and made here in New England.

To the Death

Professional wrestling fans have likely heard of the death match, in which fighters take it to the next (scary) level. But a literary death match?

Hollywood Comes to Vermont

ITVFest, the Independent Television and Film Festival, is the 10th gathering of indie movie and TV professionals in Dover, Vermont.

Major Jackson | Photo by Erin Patrice O' Brien

When Men and Mountains Meet

Major Jackson lives in Vermont and travels the world. His friend and fellow poet Jill McDonough writes an appreciation.

Black, White, and Abby All Over

It’s like I’m letting up on ‘total control.’ I’m not coloring between the lines. I’m just letting the colors speak for themselves.”

Country Roads

The musical landscape of Red Heart the Ticker. An interview with Red Heart the Ticker, a folk duo from Marlboro, Vermont.

Country Acting

Unadilla Theatre celebrates mime and more at it’s location on Blachly Road in Marshfield (northeast of Montpelier), Vermont.

The Rainbow Cattle Co.

The Drag Queens of Dummerston, Vermont. A photo exhibition and exploration of alternate personas at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center.

Roots Music

Colombian jazz comes to Brattleboro. Eugene Uman’s Convergence Project mixes rock, Latin jazz, and straight-ahead jazz.

Beer and Broads

Does it get any better? Take’s own editor, Lauren Clark will be among the panelists chatting about beer at Betty’s Beer Fest.